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The Mind of Mine First Thoughts

Debut Album from MrEzDoezit


The Mind of Mine First Thoughts is the debut album by MrEzDoezit. We had been producing so many songs at such a rapid pace. So this album wasn’t originally scheduled to be a release. We compiled some extra songs that weren’t part of the already scheduled releases. So its a prequel to The Mind of Mine series which at this point looks to be three seperate volumes. Each volume or music album will be extended release albums with nineteen or more songs! Grinding em out here at Groundup816production$.


The Mind of Mine Vol.1

Album The Mind of Mine Vol .1

The Mind of Mine vol. 1 was originally the concept for a one and only music album release. Original music album release title was gonna just be The Mind of Mine. But the songs just kept coming. At this point the song count at Groundup816production$ is 100+. So, many albums to come. Including a collaboration music album feat MrEzDoezit and Chauncey From Arkansas. Stay tuned.


Also check out for indepth breakdown of each album and the thoughts and feelings behind the lyrics and concepts of each song on the different music album releases by Groundup816production$